What is the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection (PC.dp)?

Sep 26, 2019

If you’ve looked at our team bio’s on our website, or our profile’s on LinkedIn, you will have noticed that we all have the letters “PC.dp” after our names. This means we have all been awarded the Practitioner Certificate in Data Protection.

To achieve this highly respected qualification, our team have all undertaken a rigorous three-hour closed-book written examination which is accredited by the Law Society and the Bar Council; and the examination board for which is headed up by Peter Carey, described as ‘one of Europe’s leading Data Protection experts’ and who literally wrote the book “Data Protection: A Practical Guide to UK and EU law”.

If you're looking for advice or assistance keeping your business be compliant with Data Protection law, you're going to want to know that the person is suitably knowledgeable and experienced, but the GDPR is more than just simply memorising the Articles and Recitals. If you’ve ever tried to learn a new language, you'll know that it can be easy to remember the words and what they mean, but recalling those words, holding a meaningful conversation and considering different dialects is not always so easy, and can have unexpected or even embarrassing results.

The GDPR and Data Protection is really no different. Additional laws like the Data Protection Act 2018 and the Privacy & Electronic Communications Regulation can impact upon and change how the GDPR applies in a given scenarios, so you really want to find someone who is fluent in the language and can use it practically.

This is why the PC.dp examination not only requires the candidate to demonstrate their knowledge and understanding of the law, but their ability to recall, interpret and apply it practically, and correctly, in real-life business scenarios. Those awarded the practitioner certificate must keep up to date with relevant courses through annual Continuous Professional Development to retain the award, and can choose to be listed in the published list of practitioners maintained by PDP Training here.

All of our team achieving this award should demonstrate that our 25+ years experience in handling data in a vast array of markets and business functions, really does help when it comes to applying the law. We are fluent in data and can help to ensure that your businesses most valuable asset, doesn't become its biggest liability.

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