Tips for Video Meetings

Mar 31, 2020

In the current situation we are all, where possible, working from home and for many this is a different way of working.

Instead of having face-to-face meeting we are now having video calls. Here are some top tips for better video meetings.

1. Before you make your first business call, do a test call to a colleague or friend to make sure you don’t have any technical issues.

2. If you are having a group meeting, ask everyone to have mute on, so that background noise is eliminated. Currently for most, our homes are nosier than when we normally work from home. We have the children home from school and have our partners also working from home.

3. Use your headphones so you can concentrate on the call.

4. Think of your background – the least distractions the better.

5. Think about what you are wearing – PJs are probably not a good idea for a professional call. Even if it is just your top half - look presentable.

6. As it is a Video call – think of the expressions you use when other are talking.

7. Remember that in this strange time, Video calls don’t have to all be about business. You can use the calls to have virtual coffee breaks and lift your spirits.

There are a lot of platforms where you can conduct good quality video meetings such as Google duo, skype, etc. If you want to add more people, you can use cloud-based calling with apps such as zoom, ezTalks, etc.

Stay Safe. Stay Home. Save Lives.

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