Spotlight! - September 2020

Aug 04, 2020

Welcome to the September 2020 edition of Spotlight!

As we head into a new School Year, this month we're focusing our Spotlight on education.

  • Case Study: Attendance Plus
  • How COVID-19 impacted remote learning for families
  • Data protection guidance for running a controlled event safely
  • In the spotlight! - Your questions
  • Other News

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Case Study: Attendance Plus

Attendance Plus recognised that data, and its strategic use, including the management and sharing of sensitive personal information, was crucial to achieving outstanding results. Securely exchanging data, managing it and protecting from unauthorised loss, damage or disclosure was paramount in their mind to ensure compliance with the GDPR and ensure continued respect for the privacy of families.

Read how Xynics helped Attendance Plus take their business from paper based to an online case management system.

COVID-19 remote learning survey for families

The coronavirus remote lockdown forced teachers, parents and pupils into a crash course of online education. Most families have adapted well to remote learning; however, many families may struggle to get the right support and equipment. In partnership with Attendance Plus and one attendance management client we surveyed and analysed the results to show the impact of remote learning.

Learn more about the survey responses and how COVID-19 impacted remote learning for families during lockdown.

Guidance on running a controlled event safely

A valued client asked us to help them ensure that they could safely run an outdoor event by controlling numbers and facilitating contact tracing. Guidance from the government on running events is out there, however one area of guidance that is hugely lacking is in the collection of data. We've created a practical guide which sets out to achieve Information Security and Data Protection best practice, and what we did for our client.

Find out more about your transparency obligations and how they can be met without compromising on the end result.

In The Spotlight!

In this section, we look at questions put to us on forums, by our clients and via social Media.

This is a question that we are seeing asked lots over social Media:

"We've had a few questions recently in the education sector, one of which keeps coming up is Subject Access Requests made by or on behalf of pupils."

Read the response here

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Other News:

If you run an online service (website, apps, social media) that is designed for use by children you need to be aware that a new Age Appropriate Design Code came in to effect on the 2nd September 2020 and you have one year to ensure that your service adheres to this code.

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