Spotlight! - May 2020

Jun 05, 2020

Welcome to the May 2020 edition of Spotlight!

This month we're looking at;

  • What has AI ever done for us?
  • Working From Home Securely
  • Why do children merit specific protection..?
  • In the spotlight! - Your questions
  • Other News

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What has AI ever done for us?

We will look at how businesses can use data ethically, whilst remaining GDPR compliant when leveraging new technologies, like AI, to benefit the business and the wider population. At Xynics, we’ve always had a passion for embracing technology to benefit business and individuals alike, indeed we’ve been using a form of AI for more than 14 years.

Read Part 1 of 2 on our thoughts on AI

Working from Home Securely

Many of you will now be working from home or remotely due to the coronavirus pandemic.

At Xynics we have been working remotely when required for many years and have lots of tips based on our expertise on how to work safely, securely and compliantly.

Read Our top 10 tips here

Why do children merit specific protection...?

Collecting, storing and using children’s personal data carries certain high risks and requires special attention. Children may be less aware of the risks, and organisations have a responsibility to take children’s vulnerability into account.

Read more details here

In The Spotlight!

In this section, we look at questions put to us on forums and by our clients.

This is a question that arose through a Facebook contact of one of our team that we thought was interesting:

“We all expect businesses to protect our personal information, so why is it that some community led groups who expect this,

have started processing personal data themselves without giving due consideration to the same protection?”

Read the response here

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Other News:

Our 2019 SME GDPR Readiness Survey conducted in collaboration with the DMA has now been released.

If you would like a copy please sign up here:

Xynics were due to exhibit at, The Schools & Academies Show London 2020 on 29th & 30th April at ExCeL, London.

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and the ExCeL being used as the NHS Nightingale Hospital to add extra critical care capacity,

the event has been postponed until 29th & 30th September. Read More here.

Team Xynics' hearts go out to all the people who have been affected by coronavirus outbreak, we hope that you all stay safe and

where possible you can stay home, together we can save lives.

We are fully committed to continuing to provide the same level of support to all our clients and we will do all we can to help.


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