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The GDPR has changed the game! But how exactly?

Ahead of the DMA’s ‘Data Protection 2018: Beyond the GDPR’ event this week, we’ve taken a look at how the GDPR has changed the game so far and what the future holds. In particular, we examine the business benefits that the GDPR opens up for organisations that embrace the new regulations.

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Who is in control of your Personal Data?

GDPR should make it simple when it comes to removing your personal data from an organisation you no longer want contact with. But, as our Kerryann Longhurst writes here, not all companies have quite got the hang of it.

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Do you really ‘need’ to ask for consent under the GDPR?

​In the post-GDPR world, organisations are requried to be more transparent about what “purposes” they collect and use our personal data for. If necessary they are expected to obtain our consent to use that information but consent is not always required.

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Article 29 Working Party publishes guidance on GDPR consent

The EU Article 29 Working Party issued guidance on the 28th November 2017 on how to satisfy the requirements of the GDPR in respect of “consent”. The guidance can be downloaded here It is clearly confirmed that consent should be a freely given, informed and explicit affirmative action for a specific purpose and that decision...

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