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Data can be an organisation’s most powerful tool and an important stepping stone on your journey to success. Xynics can help you collect data that packs a punch, and create a tailor-made strategy that transforms the way your business manages and uses its data.

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What our clients think

"Always accessible and with an interest and understanding of our business and the specific challenges we face, Xynics’s insight and thoroughness gave us the reassurance we needed so that we could focus on the day-to-day running of our business and not get consumed by data concerns."

M Walton - Director

"They evolved with me; if there was something I needed they would go and do it, become it, find it, get it, or help me with it!

They will come up with ideas and solutions to help with what you're doing, utilising their experience and deep knowledge to really add value."

H de Saxe - CRM & Digital Marketing Executive

80% of your data security incidents are likely
to be as a result of your own staff's actions
if you do not fully control information systems,
data flows and access rights.

Why not let Xynics help you ensure you are in control giving you the confidence and peace-of-mind you need to focus on what you're good at;
Delivering for your customers!

Choose how Xynics can help you

If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you always got.

Do something different and do more with your data!


Every machine needs control
in order to be reliable

Xynics help you to understand where all your data is, how it get's there, how it's used and how it moves through your business, putting in place the tools to manage data.

We'll help you to do the things your business wants (or needs) to do.


Consistency is key to
reliable decision making

Xynics help you review every aspect of information use and processing, ensuring that the data is where you need it, when you need it, and delivering for your business.

We'll help you leverage the power of automation and data integration.


Information Security starts
inside your business.

Xynics help you to identify the risks to information security within your business and address them through action, policy, procedure or training, before they become a problem.

We'll help ensure everything you do is compliant with the law.

We know one size doesn’t fit all – we know data and know how to unlock it. We'll help you find ways to make better decisions, solve problems, improve processes and understand your customers, working at every stage to reduce costs, increase productivity and optimise profitability.


GDPR Implementation
and Virtual Compliance Team

This multi-award winning publisher sought to bring their data compliance practices in line with GDPR, and to engage Xynics to provide ongoing education and support for their business.

Integration & BI

Xero & E-Commerce Integration

This international brand came with a simple requirement, extract data out of Xero Cloud Accounting for Management Reporting.

But the overall solution didn't just stop there!

BI & Surveys

Gathering insight into Children views on local matters

When a teacher has a vision to improve the local area, he turned to the opinions of the children he taught to drive local authority and public sector funding.

Bespoke Solutions

Attendance Management
& Analytics

Secure data exchange of sensitive personal data between Schools, Parents and Consultants.
Real-Time data flows and complex data analytics are critical to fast an effective attendance management.

We know data!

Data is our business, it's all we do,
it's all we've ever done.

We are data experts, business consultants
and Certified Data Protection Practitioners.

When you engage Xynics and you can always
be confident that we will
balance your specific business needs and desires,
with the law and best practice guidance,
and find the ways where others say "no".

Why Xynics?

We're driven by our passion, backed by expertise,
and empower you to do more with data.

Who doesn't want powerful tools and elegant and insightful solutions
that are within the budget range of any size of business?

Our clients choose us as their partner of choice because
we want to understand them, to understand their needs and desires,
and to make the magic happen.

Meet The Team

Our Discovery Process

One | Identify

We'll listen to your needs, challenges and aspirations, so we get right under the skin of your business.

Two | Understand

We'll delve deep into your data and recommend the most beneficial data solutions for big results.

Three | Implement

We'll design, build and host an integrated solution helping you to maximise return on investment for your business.

Four | Evaluate

We'll make sure the solutions we put in place are delivering the results you want by giving you the tools and knowledge to understand your data.

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