A year of major changes in the data world . . .

but a productive one for Xynics

As another year draws to a close and we start looking towards the opportunities 2019 offers, we thought it the perfect time to sit back and reflect on what’s been a very productive year for Xynics and our clients.

2018: the year of GDPR (and it wasn’t so scary after all, was it?)

There’s little doubt that GDPR was the big talking and action point in the industry in 2018. Media coverage of GDPR, including excellent work from the Information Commissioner Officer’s (ICO), has led to a huge rise in public awareness around data protection matters. This is something to be welcomed.

Back in January, many were concerned that the new data and privacy regulations were going to tie us all in knots - stopping us conducting business or marketing to our customers.

That didn’t happen. In fact, as we always made sure to communicate with anyone we spoke to, the GDPR was a huge opportunity. By putting in place a more transparent and controlled data strategy, businesses were able to improve engagement with customers and get a stronger return on investment. We’ve also been able to help some of our clients to recover contacts they may have lost in being over vigorous in their initial GDPR preparations.

What else happened?

2018 saw Microsoft strengthen its position in the business intelligence marketplace with growth of its Power BI business analytic tool. As one of just a few official Power BI partners in the UK, it’s encouraging to see more and more organisations drawing on platforms like Power BI.

These tools allow businesses to channel and visualise their critical business data, so they can make quicker, more informed decisions. We’re keeping a watchful eye on the BI tool marketplace to see if Microsoft will retain their market leading position, or if new players will start to gain some ground.

Our company highlights

  • 2018 was our twelfth year of business for Xynics and we are very happy to say that we are able to celebrate more than a decade with some of our clients. We take great pride in building long-term, meaningful relationships with everyone we work with, which gives us confidence that our approach delivers for our clients.

  • Back in September we were a supporting sponsor of the DMA’s ‘Data Protection 2018: Beyond the GDPR’ event. The conference was a huge success and as a result we’ve committed to backing the 2019 event– where we are looking forward to meeting Elizabeth Denham, the Information Commissioner herself!

    The DMA plays a pivotal role in how the UK marketing industry operates, contributing to new legislation such as the GDPR and ePrivacy, and setting the standards that all marketeers work to. We feel that the work the DMA does benefits everyone, not just their own members and being an active part of this is important to us and our clients.

  • Keeping pace with industry best practice and reassuring our clients that we adhere to strict standards is an important part of our business. We never sit still at Xynics and are always continually adapting to respond to and anticipate new trends and techniques that best serve our clients.
    This is why we are really pleased to announce that we close the book on this year having achieved the internationally recognised ISO27001 accreditation in Information Security Management.

  • 2018 saw a couple of changes to the Xynics’ family. While we were sad to see Luthur Rahman move on (though it’s great to hear he is excelling in his new role), we were delighted to welcome Kerryann Longhurst into the fold. A highly capable SQL Server and Data Analyst, Kerryann has established herself as a valued member of the team.

Looking to the future

There’s no hiding from the uncertainty Brexit serves up as we enter 2019, but we look forward to taking on and conquering the new year, with all that it may bring.

We would like to offer our thanks to all our clients, partners and peers who were part of our journey in 2018. The only data we will all worry about personally at Christmas is how many calories are in the mince pies and chocolates we’ll be eating!

We would like to
wish everyone a very

Merry Christmas

and a prosperous
new year.