Youth Opinion Research Survey.


To gather research and generate reports on local and educational issues.


The Youth Opinion Research Survey was created to anonymously gather the views of young people, on subjects such as alcohol, drugs, litter, smoking, policing and safety, to help direct public funding where it is needed most.

Using the data collected in the survey, Xynics created comprehensive and comparative reports for the town, as well as schools and year groups. The council, local education authority and police all acted upon the conclusions of the reports, with follow-up surveys later distributed for ‘before and after’ analysis.

Following budget cuts to the project, Xynics stepped in and made amendments that meant the surveys could be take place free of charge throughout the UK, with results being shared with interested parties for a nominal fee.


  • In areas where students felt unsafe after dark, street lighting was improved and police community support officers were deployed.
  • Steps were taken to reduce the sale of alcohol and tobacco to underage youths.
  • CCTV was installed in areas where bullying was an issue.
  • Funding was dedicated to keeping the streets cleaned.
  • Efforts were taken to reduce the availability of illegal drugs.
  • Additional funding was directed to selected schools to improve facilities and educational support.


“The Youth Opinion Research Survey was a pioneering project which would not have been possible without the expertise and capability of Xynics. When the project launched, Teachers were sceptical that the children would find it difficult to answer the questions asked, or that the answers would be less than truthful. Xynics were experts in creating surveys, collecting data and performing complex analysis to drive results in business, and that same expertise could be applied to the YORS project. Using an “in-house” online survey tool, Xynics worded the questions in such a fashion that the children could understand them and were guided through the survey seamlessly. When the results came in, Xynics were able to score answers and apply a reliability factor so when the final reports were published, the true results were clearly shown. The resulting funding and actions taken by local government and schools, based on the results, were then validated by the repeat surveys year on year, clearly showing improvements and increases in perception as a direct result of the actions taken. We were even asked to participate in a Radio 4 interview about the project due to its success. We really could not have hoped for a more successful outcome and thank Xynics for their valued contribution to the project.“

S. Richardson - Project Consultant, Youth Opinion Research Survey


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