Retro Bazaar


Design and deliver a CRM system to enhance customer engagement and manage stock.


Retro Bazaar rents out vintage-style furniture, fittings and props to film and television companies, and sells similar items to trade and consumer buyers via its website, eBay store and at events.

The business wanted to enhance customer experience by having purchase history information at their fingertips, along with the ability to instantly check stock availability.

Xynics created the perfect ecommerce CRM solution, which integrates all the business’s data from across its sales channels. Not only does it have a searchable stock catalogue, and record and monitor customer purchase history, but it also helps the team to manage stock for events by showing which products sold well at them in the past.
The CRM supplies intelligence on which products are in high demand and have fast throughput so Retro Bazaar can invest sensibly in new products, and it automates marketing content, helping the business to build brand awareness, develop customer relationships and generate leads. It even automates social media feeds, allowing the team to gauge brand perception.

All of this means the business can use its data more strategically. It’s a far cry from the spreadsheets that Retro Bazaar was previously using, which required data entry into multiple files and which only one member of staff could use at any one time.


  • The CRM system is so quick and easy to use that it’s negated the need to employ additional team members, saving money.
  • By supplying intelligence on what items have sold, how many, and how long they’ve been in stock for, Retro Bazaar is minimising capital investment and maximising profit.
  • The ability to record email addresses and marketing consent means Retro Bazaar can send out e-newsletters advertising events or special offers, and can target customers based on past purchases and interests.


“When we engaged Xynics to help us streamline our handling of data, most of our information was scattered around in spreadsheets and difficult to work with. Our new CRM solution far exceeds our initial expectations, and the intelligence software {Power BI} makes it easy to analyse our data and make confident decisions about our marketing and stock handling. The elegant simplicity of the tools we now have, compared with the capability and benefits that it provides us, makes the project a complete success.“

Retro Bazaar Ltd.


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