An ongoing project, the Youth Opinion Research Survey is a pioneering survey targeted at obtaining the opinions of students within the educational system on local and educational issues, enabling the direction of public funding where it is needed most.

The pilot project called the "Corby Youth Voice Project" was launched in Corby, Northamptonshire in 2004 and ran for 6 years gathering anonymous statistics on subjects such as Alcohol, Drugs, Smoking, Litter and Street Cleanliness, Policing and Safety.  Comprehensive reports were generated on:

  • A per school and Year Group basis showing that schools and each year group's results compared to the town
  • A per Year Group basis across the town compared to the town as a whole
  • A town wide report


Each report was split into the relevant sections and conclusions drawn, upon which the Council, Local Education Authority and Police all acted upon.  In a subsequent follow up surveys, comparative analysis was performed and included within the reporting showing noticeable improvements which inspired the efforts to continue year on year.  The initial project was funded by sponsorship from the public departments wishing to utilise the data however due to budget cuts within the recession, the project was placed on hold during 2012.  Xynics remodelled the projects financing in order to be able to run the surveys free of charge to any area of the UK, providing the results back to each interested party for a nominal fee according to the required data items.



  • Street Lighting was improved and more Police Community Support Officers were deployed in particular areas where students felt unsafe during the darker hours.
  • More funding was directed to keeping the streets clean in areas where it was a problem.
  • CCTV was installed in areas where bullying was a particular issue for younger children.
  • Strategic efforts were made to reprimand retailers for the sale of Alcohol and Tobacco to under age customers.
  • Efforts were taken to reduce the availability of Illegal Drugs.
  • Additional funding was directed to particular schools to improve facilities and provide more educational support.

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