Xynics delivered an integrated CRM system with website and e-commerce.

Retro Bazaar are a retail business specialising in all things Retro, from furniture and fittings to clocks and phones.  

The company have a retail unit in Milton Keynes and undertakes loans for film and television, direct trade sales, online retail via their website and eBay store, and consumer and trade sales at events throughout the UK.

Historically all of the clients data was recorded on spreadsheets which were not an ideal method of multi-user working and required much duplicated input.   The client required a solution to enable them to record suppliers and customers along with purchase history, stock levels and upcoming events.

A XynicsCRM solution was implemented, designed to meet the clients current need in order to help them enhance customer experience and to monitor and control stock levels.  With the addition of a searchable stock catalogue, event management and automation for regular social media feeds, newsletter and website content generation, Xynics helped Retro Bazaar to utilise their data more strategically within their business. 


  • An integrated CRM solution of XynicsCRM with Stock Inventory and Purchase History modules alongside an Event Calendar which was synchronised with the clients website.
  • The ability to record email addresses, marketing consent and specific newsletter consent allows the business to generate and distribute an email newsletter on a regular basis informing customers and suppliers of their attendance at events, providing special offers and the added benefit of being able to selectively target to customers based on past purchases and desired items.
  • Statistics on what items have been sold, how long they’ve been held in stock and quantities of sales helps the business focus on acquiring stock with a quick throughput and high demand, minimising capital investment and maximising profit.

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